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Ostetaan autoja Suomi

Ostetaan autoja Suomi is a specialized company dealing with personal car and van purchase. If you are stuck with an unnecessary vehicle, or simply want to sell, please contact us. We buy cars that are less than 8 years old and driven under 180tkm., and that are otherwise in good condition. We redeem appropriate balance of the debt, and perform immediate payment in cash or a bank transfer. Our staff can also pick up your car, if necessary. Ostetaan autoja Suomi is part of the Vaihtovarma Car dealership. A good car a good price!

Purchased cars

Call 040 525 3615 and providing your car.

You can also fill the out the form below.

Remember to bring the following

  • Both tyres
  • Both keys
  • Registration notification part, if your car does not have the funding remaining
  • Service bookmark and any supporting documents
  • Instructions

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